Commercialization Modules

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University-Industry Engagement

In a volatile, highly competitive global and rapidly changing environment, organizations must innovate at a fast pace to deliver new products and services. University – Industry collaborations or engagements have become pervasive and imperative in the current trend. The core mission of Universities are teaching and research. They need to be expanded to include commercialization through education programmes, patents, incubators, research outputs by strategically collaborating with industries. This module highlights the successful engagement model, dealing with engagement and interaction, sustaining a partnership and policies and support from various entities.

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University Support for Commercialisation

This module focuses on university support for commercialization, and therefore, addresses the various support mechanisms made available by universities to support commercialization including an appraisal of the benefits of technology transfer and commercialization to the universities and other parties, the university’s policy framework as important modulators of commercialization support, various mechanisms designed and implemented, strategies employed for knowledge transfer and commercialization, and the description of two best practice models. Academic consultancy is also included as a significant means of knowledge transfer from universities to industry that can greatly benefit universities in their quest to creating sound and long-term industry partnerships and collaborations.

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Academia-Entrepreneurial Mindset​

Entrepreneurship is important for a nation to improve standards of living and to spur economy growth. Universities have all the important resources for entrepreneurs such as top talents, tons of research grants and a very innovative ecosystem as driven by the research culture. However, despite all these resources, academics and students still face huge challenges in venturing into entrepreneurship. This module covers essential concepts to embark into commercialization while sharing some success stories.

Answering questions of investors

Sourcing Funds for Commercialisation

Entrepreneurs, researchers, innovators and inventors often view the “funding-gap” as the critical limitation and have associated this to constitute the “Valley of Death” at an intermediate stage of the process between basic research/invention to commercialization of a new product/innovation. It is a common dilemma where a new innovation may never be transformed into a commercial product and the implication will be a diminished return on funding for early stage R&D which has implications for both the research economy and commercial economy. This module gives you an insight into building an investment-friendly plan for your innovation and a roadmap on Malaysia’s vibrant funding ecosystem that will help you raise the much needed capital to bridge your innovation gap.

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Technology Transfer Implementation

This module focuses on the effective Malaysian University Technology Transfer Office (TTO) organizational structure, the function and core activities of TTO, the salient steps in technology transfer (TT) processes, the effective tactics and approaches in escalating TT activities and understanding the current setting up of an accelerator/incubator program in Malaysia. At the end of the session, we will share the common key decision points to be addressed in managing TT activities and suggest the best practices to be employed by Malaysian universities to strengthen their TTOs operations.